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A Natural Choice

At Gepi we believe in the saying "you are what you eat," which is why we strive, every day, to select raw materials of the highest quality and thus offer you genuine, sustainable and "naturally delicious" products! One taste is enough to be won over by our ice creams: in addition to the most traditional flavors, you will also find original recipes that enhance the ingredients and flavors of our territory. In the mood for something different?

At Gepi's you will find Granitas made with fresh fruit, Frozen Yogurt, delicious breakfasts, tasty aperitifs, super natural and gluten-free Crêpes and Waffles.

Gepi artisan creativity

Ivana is the creative soul of our fabulous flavors, the heart that beats wildly every day to bring you our 100% natural ice cream.

Our "Gepi", in almost fifteen years, has given life to all the creations you can enjoy in our ice cream parlors, searching for the best raw materials and studying new combinations that know how to surprise.

From her desire to amaze and her delicious creativity began the journey that has led us to have three outlets: the historic shop in Largo Amendola, his "brother" Gepi Mare and finally the ice cream shop in Portofino, the baby in the family.

From idea to production-that's when the magic begins, when a cascade of fresh, Italian, top-quality milk begins its journey to transform into an infinity of delicious, natural flavors! For us, ice cream is serious business, and we want everything to work perfectly. Only in this way can we maintain the very high standards of quality that make us so proud of our work.

The Ice Cream

100% natural ingredients, zero hydrogenated fats and emulsifiers.
We make ice cream this way because we don't know a different way to make it. Do you know the creative process that leads to the creation of our ice cream?
We'll explain it to you quickly: Ivana gets little sleep at night and her super-creative brain races a thousand miles an hour, so she imagines new combinations and fantastic flavors.
Early in the morning she arrives at the lab and orchestrates the preparation, mixing imaginative ideas and natural ingredients.
All that's left for his son Luigi and our staff to do is roll up their sleeves (and get their hands a little dirty) to get the productions to our stores on time.



Lemon & Basil

Apple & Cinnamon

Variegated Almond




Lemon & Basil

Apple & Cinnamon

Variegated Almond


Not just ice cream!

If our ice cream will make you fall in love, all our other specialties will satisfy your desire to try something new. At Gepi's you'll find Granitas made with fresh fruit, Frozen Yogurt, delicious breakfasts, tasty appetizers, super natural and gluten-free Crêpes and Waffles.

Ice Cream Cups

The decorated ice cream cup, to be enjoyed comfortably at the table, is a true Made in Italy tradition.

With us you can choose from many variations and recipes while keeping the unique taste of our artisanal ice cream intact.

It is the perfect choice for those who want to indulge in a moment of true relaxation, pampering themselves with an exaggerated-tasting delicacy.

Crêpes, Waffel & Pancake

Our crepes? We make them in all flavors, both sweet and savory using a 100% homemade batter made with simple, wholesome ingredients.

Tapioca flour, buckwheat flour and rice flour. Do you know what this means? That our Crêpes are totally gluten free.

Perfect for snacks and breakfast and to garnish a little however you like: these are our waffles! Totally gluten free and good enough to turn your day around.

What to do when the "American breakfast" craving strikes? Pop into the ice cream parlor and come try our pancakes: with us you'll always find them freshly made right in front of you.
You can enjoy them plain with a dusting of powdered sugar or with one of the many toppings available.


Our frozen yogurt is an ice cream that will win you over with its soft, refreshing feel.

It starts with white yogurt frozen ice cream that you can customize by adding chocolate, caramel or black cherry toppings, or a fruit salad or individual fruits cut into pieces.

Each sundae is different: the end result will be your favorite flavor, to be tasted in many different variations.

Monoportions, sticks and biscuits

Single portions of happiness: handle with care, eat with love.

Because when they tell you that you have to learn to appreciate the little things, you can thank them for the advice and run to the ice cream shop to pick up one of our single portions.

Ice cream sticks, pralines, mini cakes and ice cream cookies:
it will be a journey of the senses to be enjoyed in the historic center and just a step away from the harbor of Santa Margherita Ligure, or perhaps in the exclusive setting of Portofino.

Our Shops

S. Margherita

Via Tommaso Bottaro, 40

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S. Margherita

Largo Giovanni Amendola, 19

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Piazzetta della Magnolia, 2

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Bring the taste of Gepi to your home

100% natural ice cream, 100% eco-sustainable tray!
Our take-away trays are all compostable: this means that in addition to being biodegradable,
as they degrade, they turn into compounds!

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